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Each year we are excited to work with a vibrant community of finding fingermark members and we are so honoured to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You'll find just a few of our favourites below.

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Rock Elford

Nhulunbuy, NT

Just finished Finding Fingermark and went out to try some of your ideas… look like we scored!! It’s amazing how many times I’ve driven over this spot. Pull up, 15min and BAM! Bloody awesome course!


Joel Walters


Got the Fingermark in a place I have driven past a hundred times! Finding Fingermark is another great course, Ryan!

Brett Ford

Brett Ford


This is what these courses do...Right place at the Right time using the Right gear...The smile on my son's face is priceless. Team Moody Rocks.


Yes it works for Snapper!

Mates Steve and David have fished together for years. After watching Steve get great results from the Barra and Threadfin courses, David decided to invest in the courses himself. They both bought Finding Fingermark to see if the techniques work for Snapper. As they discovered, Fingermark and Snapper have similar habits and they have been finding good snapper on grounds that nobody else fishes. As David explained, "Away from the parking lot at Harry Atkinson Reef". Not only are they catching more fish, but they are also catching a much better class of fish in the '70s regularly and one 88 cm horse. All inside Moreton Bay saving time and fuel and making memories for the entire family.




Marc Mclaughlin

Queensburgh, South Africa

As a very happy Sounder Skills 2 student, I thought I would give Finding Fingermark a try to see if it would help me catch our red fish (Snapper, Santer, Soldier, Slinger) here in South Africa. I can't believe I learned so much! The proof is in the photo! When my mates ask me how I catch so many fish, I tell them to buy Ryan's courses.


Tom Rasmanis

Darwin, NT

Right time, right place, right techniques. I would have not been able to put it altogether if not for the course. Baits didn't last 5 minutes before getting nailed!

Craig Roberts

Craig Roberts

Dunsborough, WA

Finding Fingermark course has got me thinking more about how to approach each fishing trip and having a strategy in place. Ryan's Fingermark techniques definitely work on other foraging species as I've fished Dunsborough WA since doing the course and bagged out on mixed bag of Snapper and Dhu Fish. Largest pink snapper went 90cm.

The way Ryan has broken Finding Fingermark down, and how in-depth he goes through each module, makes it very easy to follow and understand.

Brett Christensen


Finding Fingermark has shown me all the places I have driven past heaps of times without even knowing where to look. Now I've found spots close by where people just shoot past! Cheers Ryan

Glen Ralph

Humpty Doo, NT

I was originally unsure about spending the money on Finding Fingermark, however, once I added up my last four trips to the tackle shop compared to how many fingermark I caught it was a no brainer to invest in learning instead of new gear. I’m kicking myself I didn’t invest in this course the very first time I saw it

Shaun Loaring



Finding Fingermark Private Study Group Report


Robbie Walters

Mission Beach

Great course Ryan Moody, really filled in the gaps and taught me a lot of new stuff. Can’t wait to find some new spots (or look at the ground I’ve always driven over).



Thanks Ryan Moody for your teachings in Finding Fingermark... it works!

Dave McCarron

Dave McCarron


Couldn’t have had all the success I've had without doing the Finding Fingermark course! Thanks to Ryan and the crew, absolutely glad I did it!


Trevor Roy


First time chasing Fingermark since doing the course this year. Caught 5 yesterday and 6 today this being the biggest at 70cm. Very happy thanks, Ryan Moody!


Mick Thomson


Finding Fingermark has improved my fingermark fishing 10 fold. Cheers Ryan!


Clint Stoneham


As per Ryan's Finding Fingermark framework, the fish were exactly where he said they would be! Thanks for another fantastic course Ryan!

Great course and would definitely recommend it. It has a lot of good information, much of which I was unaware of.

Colin Swan


No hesitation getting Finding Fingermark, after doing the Wonky Holes course. I really enjoyed the way the modules are explained, then demonstrated with the bonus videos. Being an engineering student this really clicks with my learning style. Yes, it has answered so many of the questions that have had me stumped when it came to finding fingermark.

Cameron Slack


The Finding Fingermark course is very informative and have picked up some new ideas that I hadn't thought of yet. I found each segment full of great info and it's great that Ryan has shared his knowledge.

Brian Abercrombie


I had so many light bulb moments! A key feature was how to target them in the right depths to reduce barotrauma, due to myself being strictly catch and release. I have already recommended Finding Fingermark to mates and I also recommend Wonky Holes, even though I haven't done it because the people I know mainly fish offshore. I tell them if the info is anything like Barra Basics and Finding Fingermark then they would be crazy not to do it.

Jamie Powell


Finding Fingermark consistently and finding live bait have been 2 areas I have struggled. Finding Fingermark has changed my approach and I have learned quite a few things that I don't think I would have lived long enough to work out by myself

Colin Clow

Mission Beach

I was quite hesitant to purchase Finding Fingermark as I live in Perth so Fingermark is not on our radar. But since they are a foraging species I thought I might get some advice and good tips for my fishing. Also when coupled with sounder skills 2 I have found that it ties everything in. I like the easy to navigate modules. I don't have a favourite module as I found them all quite interesting and learnt something from them all. Cheers Karen and Ryan

Shane Clifton

Madeley, WA


BJ Doe

Darwin, NT

I love getting into the big girls in shallow water, under 10m, thanks to Finding Fingermark. Totally different beast when they hit over that 75cm mark! What a cracking course Ryan! Thank you


Jay Morrison


I always loved and wanted to know more about catching finger mark, so I brought the Finding Fingermark course. Just starting to narrow down a few locations recently and decided to take the family fishing. The young fella catches this donkey of a Fingermark within 20min of fishing! Thank you, Ryan!


Warren Hansen

Boyne Island

I completed the Thready Tactics course last year and recently started the Sounder Skills 2 course, it was a no brainer to get Finding Fingermark as well because of the quality information provided in these courses. Cheers Ryan!


Brittney Le-Roy

Townsville, QLD

My PB Fingermark at 86cm…. all thanks to the Finding Fingermark course. Would not even know where to start if I had not have done that course! Cheers Ryan

I’ve had Barra Basics for a few years now and knew the content in Finding Fingermark would be just as brilliant. The videos and framework make it easy to follow and implement. Cheers Ryan for another great course!

Mark Buckby


As a relative novice, I enjoyed all of the content in Finding Fingermark. The course was constructed and put together in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Finding Fingermark puts a lot of things into perspective and I understand now that I need to change everything I do.

Ted Goodsall


Ryan covers all aspects of fishing for Fingermark in his Finding Fingermark course. He explains things that cater for all levels and experience of anglers. Cheers mate for a great course.

Cameron Watt


Fingermark caught off wreck
Catch large fingermark with our online fishing course
Large fingermark can be caught jigging plastics
Fingermark are great eating fish

Jason Farr


Thanks, Ryan Moody for the courses. Great information and has improved my fishing to no end!


Bobby Holman


One of a few good nuggets from today. Just followed Ryan’s framework. Got him like you said when you said. Thanks for the course.


Terry Cain

Nhulunbuy, NT

Finding Fingermark is a spot on course Ryan. Followed the framework first trip and landed these two goldies.


Chris Long


It's full of great knowledge and there's a lot to learn about Fingermark. This takes a massive amount of time away spent on the water trying to figure out their habits on your own. I also knew it would be worthwhile after doing Ryan's other courses.

I thought Finding Fingermark was well-priced and the amount of content/tips and tricks in the course has improved my fishing for other species as well. The best part is fishing with strategy and planning the day out before u get on the water. I would love a dollar for every trip where we just went and fished without really knowing what we were doing and always frustrated as to why we never caught much. Yes, it's a great course! I have also loved the study group. It's a great place for asking questions, everyone is there to help each other

Nathan Pratt


Modules 3 - 5 were my favourite. The way it's all laid out and then explained and presented in the bonus vids is great. Ryan has helped me immensely! Definitely recommend Finding Fingermark. The amount of knowledge Ryan shares in the course is unbelievable. Anyone who does the course would benefit from it.

Michael Salleras


Once I saw the price I just jumped in and bought it. The defined structures module and the breakdown of the different structures was fantastic. The explanation of sounder shots in far more detail than i have ever appreciated was also very interesting. Definitely recommend! For an average fisherman Finding Fingermark is a real confidence builder and has enthused my love for fishing even more so.

Matt Harvey



Elan Bension

Sydney, NSW

Can definitely say Finding Fingermark has transformed the way I look at fishing. Learning to find my own spots has put more fish in the boat in 6 months than the last 4 years! Ryan mentioned something that resonated with me and that is spend the time finding your own spots. Last time I was out I marked a new spot and this trip I went back to check it out. First drop I landed my PB Pearl Perch. Second drift as soon as I hit the school, I landed a new PB Pearl Perch!


Ian Walters


I was hesitant at first about spending the money but once I had a chat with another student he convinced me it was worth the money. Most of my fishing for fingermark only occurred on what I now know as a small tidal run so the framework has helped me understand that they forage as much as they hold on a defined structure on specific tides. After doing the course I went back through 20 years of fishing diaries I kept and now understand why I caught fish in areas I have. It has made a huge difference and I would definitely recommend the course.


Nathan Billing

Shire of Douglas

Finding Fingermark has been a great investment and I had a lot of "ahhhh, that explains it" moments. It fills in the gaps and gives me the confidence to be able to find Fingermark quickly in new regions and different moon phases/tidal situations. I am now saving money on fuel and more importantly time. I learnt the same amount of info in an hour watching the course that would take me many weekends to nut out otherwise. I really enjoy the Finding Fingermark Facebook study group. The information sharing, and ability to ask questions and get answers from knowledgeable sources is excellent. Sometimes it's the best inspiration to actually go try something different.

I hesitated when purchasing Finding Fingermark because of the cost, however... Finding Fingermark is a fantastic course because it teaches you very practical to implement strategies. I enjoyed how the course teaches you how to catch live bait and what times to target Fingermark.

Dan Clark


The framework and the knowledge shown of the understanding of the fish's behaviour in Finding Fingermark is unreal. The course is comprehensive and ties it all together nicely. Cheers Ryan

Karl Badstuebner

South Mission Beach

With the information shared in Finding Fingermark, I can map out so many places to fish now. Let's face it, Fingermark look good, taste good and you don't have to go wide to find them - making this course for me a very good investment. I've spent a lot more money than this course costs, trying to get the time and experience out on the water. Thank you, Ryan

Paul Banner



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Nathan Billing

Did you have any hesitations about signing up for Finding Fingermark? Yes, I already get a fair few fingermark so I was hesitant. I signed up to try to work out the gaps in my information around moon phases and seasons. It has been a great investment and I had a lot of "ahhhh, that explains it" moments.

What specific features/module did you like best about the course? Probably points and headlands, or else the big high tide foraging areas, as they're the only style I haven't really done and gives me good options in varied weather situations. On windy days I now have land-based or options with protection from wind and can fish days Id have otherwise stayed home (pending suitable tides).

Would you recommend the Finding Fingermark course and why? Yes, It fills in the gaps and gives me confidence in being able to find them quickly in new regions and different moon phases/tidal situations. Besides saving the fuel looking and piecing this together, it saves me time. I got the same amount of info in an hour that would take me many weekends otherwise.

Did you join the Finding Fingermark private Facebook study group? Yes. information sharing and the ability to ask questions and get answers from knowledgeable sources. Sometimes it's the best inspiration to actually go try something different.

Shaun Loaring
Dave Mills
Daniel Leonard
Snapper - Steve Newby

Steve Newby


Using ideas from Finding Fingermark course, I went exploring this morning and bagged out on Snapper. Still on a high! Thanks Ryan.

David Alvos (2)

David Alvos


Did the fingermark course and have been trying to adapt it to Snapper. Well snappy days! Smashed my PB (now 75cm).To go one better my dad got his first snapper at 78 cm. The highlights for me were actively looking for new ground and finding it. Study the charts and pre planning the scan. Knowing why I should look in these areas. Wouldn't have done it the way I did without the Finding Fingermark course.


Max Hogan

Been scoping new ground using Finding Fingermark techniques and find it applies for Snapper! Top course.


Rob Parslow


I use what I have learned in Finding Fingermark every trip now to narrow down the potential fish holding locations. Then I fish with ideas of the framework. It’s been very successful for me up here in the NT.

Big Fingermark (Golden Snapper) are a hard fighting fish
How to catch Fingermark (Golden Snapper)
Kids love to catch Fingermark
Fingermark are a top grade food fish

I landed six Fingermark in my first session after completing Finding Fingermark and I was absolutely rapt! I've now done Sounder Skills 2, Barra Basics, Thready Tactics AND Finding Fingermark. I'm 52 and feel like a new fisherman again. It's changed a lot of my tactics for the best. Cheers Karen and Ryan for the brilliant courses!

Andrew McKay

New Farm

I would definitely recommend this course and have already done so with a few mates. The information I have gained from this course is taking all the guesswork out for me and putting me on the fish a lot faster. No time wasted on water now!

Jarrod Forsdick


It's all great info and relevant. Loved the course. Thanks Ryan for sharing your knowledge.

Geoff Shapland

Molong, NSW

As I am older (dinosaur) I tend to resist the new technology but I found Finding Fingermark easy to follow and full of useful information. I even enjoyed some of the parts I already know as it reaffirmed I was doing things right.

Barry Gretton

Freshwater Point

I had already purchased Barra Basics so I was confident that the level of information Finding Fingermark would contain would be outstanding and I wasn't disappointed. Module 3 was my favourite. I had multiple light bulb moments whilst watching this module. The way Ryan explains and teaches is brilliant! Thanks for a great course.

Adrian McIver


I was a little hesitant to purchase Finding Fingermark due to the price, but now that I have done so, I don't regret a thing. I love the course! Not only do I love the course but I love the study group as well, a great community of like-minded fishers. Top course Ryan, thanks!

Gavin Buchholz

Rockhampton, QLD

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