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"Sounder Skills 1 is great value! I now can't wait to do Sounder Skills 2. Cheers Ryan."

Jared Morris

Pohnpei, Micronesia

"I learnt more from Sounder Skills 1 than I did after SIX calls to Garmin techs!"

Ray Boswell

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"Sounder Skills 1 was really informative. It was the missing link to my fishing for over 20 years of Skiboat angling. A big thank you for sharing your knowledge Ryan."

Leon Gengan

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"Without Ryan's explanations, I did not know what I was looking at when I first used my Garmin sounder. Ryan has a way of explaining things that is easy to understand."

Jacques Soucy

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"I've seen many tutorials over the years but was never able to correctly interpret what I see until Ryan explained the basics."

David Walker

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"I found all of Sounder Skills 1 helpful, it helps understand how to use a sounder to help find fishing spots."

Pascal De Lorenzo

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Actionable easy to follow insights

Why you're not seeing fish

There are three simple reasons that prevent you from seeing fish on your equipment, and I address all three and explain the interactions between them. Simple and practical.

Converting 3D to 2D

Converting 3D to 2D
Learn how the conversion from 3D under the boat to 2D on your screen can play tricks with your brain and what the display REALLY shows.

Fish are not rocks

To the uninitiated, bottom dwelling fish can appear as rocks. We show you how to tell the difference. Because who wants to spend the afternoon fishing for rocks?

Searching and Assessing

These two very different applications need to approached in two different ways. We explain how to get the most out of your equipment for both applications.

When to adjust your settings

There’s a time to fiddle and a time to leave it alone. Are you confusing yourself even more by making unnecessary adjustments? Where most people go wrong has nothing to do with their sounder settings!

Insights applicable worldwide

These insights are not just for use in tropical Australia. They apply wherever you use a boat and sounder/side scan.

"I have already told everyone I know how good this course is. For once in my life there's no bullshit I had to listen to. Just goes to show that you're never too old to learn something new."

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"Sounder Skills 1 costs the same as a 6 pack of bundy's so not a big outlay at all, to gain lots of good tips!"

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"Sounder Skills 1 teaches you how to differentiate between two different species. Even though I am based out of Florida knowing what the target species is was helpful. I would recommend Sounder Skills 1 because of the attention to detail. Ryan gave a lifetime of experience and knowledge. An amazing course for experienced and beginner anglers."

Alvaro Cordero

Homestead, Florida USA

"Yes, This course has increased my understanding of how to use my fishfinder 2D and SV greatly. I have been reading Facebook posts, watching youtube videos and taking live courses on setup for my Garmin and nothing has helped my understanding more than these online courses. I now have a much better understanding of what I am seeing and realize I have been missing fish due to misinterpretation of what I was seeing on screen. Thank you, Ryan Moody!"

Mark Jungdahl

Dayton, Ohio USA

"Sounder Skills 1 is full of useful information and is presented well so it's easy to understand. Since enrolling I now know what is under my boat, and what structure to fish and what not to. I am now catching the fish I always wanted to. THANK YOU!"

Roger Davidson

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"After 35 years as a charter guide chasing trophy fish for clients, you learn a few tips and tricks not many people learn. Even if you have been using a fish finder for years, I think you'll be surprised at what you can learn in this course." -Ryan Moody

"I've been using fish finders for 20 years and was surprised at what I didn't know. I picked up a few great tips that I haven't seen anywhere else. Definitely recommend."

Scott Brownlee

Townsville, QLD

"Absolutely recommend....the value of your experience and knowledge coupled with ease of learning. For a so called experienced fisho I learned HEAPS."

Brett Ford

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"For the price it was GOLD. Very clear and concise. Great tips! Definitely recommend this course."

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In this course, we're going to go through the 3 main reasons people don’t see fish on their sounder.

Understanding these concepts is the difference between the marketing hype and the reality of what you see in your boat. The biggest issue is they INTERACT with each other and can cancel each other out OR exacerbate the problem (making fish so tiny you can’t see them).

We demonstrate these concepts with sounder shots AND actual sounder recordings narrated by Ryan fishing on the boat, so you can begin to conceptualise the 3D world underneath you displaying on your 2D equipment.

There are TWO CORE VIDEOS which take an hour to watch plus three bonus videos. No frills, no fluff. Just an expert angler sharing his hard earned knowledge with you.

Please don’t be too concerned about the model of sounder we are using, or the species of fish we are displaying. All sounders conform to these principles and all fish targets are just that… fish targets.

We have included examples for both side scan and traditional. If you don’t have a side scan unit yet, revisit this course when you do as they are TOPS. For those with side scan, I use my traditional in tandem with my side scan, so the entire course will be of benefit to you.

We have also added some troubleshooting in Video 2 for deep water anglers using traditional 2D units only.

The result is CONFIDENCE! Knowing what is actually under you instead of being tricked by little known illusions. Plus we'll teach you how to ENHANCE what you want to see (fish) instead of getting duped by clutter.

We're from Northern Australia and the fish species we use in the demo are as well. But our concepts work worldwide! We've had happy students in 28+ countries. This goes to show you that fish targets are fish targets and our concepts work wherever you are in the world.

We have also included some deeper water stuff for the offshore anglers using only 2D traditional. It is especially important you bed these concepts into your mind and really put them into practice as depth exacerbates the problems we have seeing fish and identifying large fish vs small fish.

Understanding these concepts really is the difference between the marketing hype and the reality of what you see in your boat.

So... Are you ready to learn the most IMPORTANT fishing skill for only $20 Australian or your money back?

From paddock to plate....

Skills with your fish finder equal more consistent catches (and fresh fish for dinner).


Simple to implement instructions with proven student results


Clear step by step guide to better understand your echo sounder/fish finder taught by an expert with only one AIM - Catch more fish.


Stop second guessing yourself. Learn the tricks from the Master. 30 years of trophy fish catches plus proven student success (in 28 countries).


In the field in various locations. Shallow and deep. Side scan and 2D. Practical use for all brands and in any location. You will improve we guarantee it!


Go back and revisit the course as many times as you like. For Free. Plus if we upgrade the course, you get access to that too!

Meet Your Instructor.... Ryan Moody

Sounder Skills 1

Sounder Skills 1 online fishing course includes fish finder fundamentals to help you find and catch more fish - or your money back! From shallow creeks to deep water, you'll be shocked at what you didn't know.

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What our students say...

"Side Scan has been a part of my sounder I’ve really struggled with. Now Ryan has shed some light on it for me, I’m more confident with my interpretation of what I’m looking at."

Steve Lawlor

"Great! Includes practical aspects of sounder use not told by the sales people."

Mike Stott

Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I found the course very helpful in understanding my side scan unit. Definitely recommend."

David Churches

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"I've seen many tutorials over the years but was never able to correctly interpret what I see until Ryan explained the basics."

David Walker

Gerry Flora, Melbourne

"Clear, concise and to the point. Spoken like a true fisherman."

Brett Organ

Lismore, NSW

"Loved it! Ryan is down to earth and tells it like it is. No hype to sell products."

Gerry Flora

Townsville, QLD

"The great interpretation of the images of fish bait and structures on the chirp as to a traditional one frequency unit has helped me out and cleared a lot of things up for me where I thought it was bait but could of actually been fish thank you"

Doug Mellor

Forrest Beach, QLD

"I really liked how you put effort into not only teaching what to look for on the screen... but how to drive the boat to give the best sounder shots! If you don’t drive the boat right doesn’t matter what settings you have, you won’t get the optimum result on the screen."

Steven Brooke

Townsville, QLD

"It is very informative and well delivered by Ryan and he explains things in a way that is practical and easy to understand."

Rod Hanneman

Townsville, QLD

"Absolutely l gained so much from this course. I have done training with the sounder rep and I got more from your course!"

Carmel Redgewell

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"Anything from RMF is going to be good. Learned a lot about my side scan and will be watching it a few more times."

Cameron Telford

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"Do this course. Everyone with a sounder needs this to help understand the confusing instructions supplied with the sounder."

Wayne Picker

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"I definitely would recommend the course. Cheap as chips. Even if you only learn one new thing. Could be the difference one day in finding fish or not."

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"Definitely recommend the course to others. Just excellent content and info from a professional. Nothing changes if nothing changes!"

Mark Wanstall

"Found the whole thing interesting and will be watching again. Would definitely recommend."

Kelly O'Connor

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"I have had my sounder for 5 years and never seen a barra or thready or anything else. Seen rocks wrecks etc. but never fish. Now I have new ideas to try. Thank you."

Neil Coad

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