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Each year we are excited to work with a vibrant community of Sounder Skills 2 members and we are so honoured to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You'll find just a few of our favourites below.


Peter Cashman

Lowrance User

Brisbane, QLD

I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of Sounder Skills 2 because I mostly fish for bream in depths under 20 ft... I was wrong! Sounder Skills 2 definitely helps with understanding how to set up and interpret the different modes on your sounder. I was happy with the prompt response from Ryan on the Inner Circle Facebook group well. Thanks, guys!


Brent Tewes

Logan, QLD

I was a little hesitant to buy Sounder Skills 2 because my sounder is 2D and about 10 years old. I have only just started the course and I am learning heaps, the course covers it all. The Inner Circle is great too, you get good feedback about various topics.


Tim Schwass

Perth, WA

I thoroughly enjoyed Sounder Skills 2, particularly the deep dropping section. I would definitely recommend this course, even if you only catch 2 big fish deep dropping you have more than paid for the course. I'm really enjoying the Inner Circle as well, cheers Ryan.


Daniel Gilbertson

Coffin Bay, SA

After completing Sounder Skills 2 and using what I have learnt to its full advantage, we were able to find these guys and have some fun with the extra light gear. So much fun to look forward to thanks to Sounder Skills 2!


Daniel Poultney

Perth, WA

Sounder Skills 2 has taught me how to assess ground more thoroughly by using the right tools/functions for the job. Here is a nice 690mm Dhu found on an isolated lump using the right frequency at the right speed while searching out new ground. Cheers Ryan


David Freudenberg

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I procrastinated for 6 months before I brought this course, and I'm so glad I did it. I like how Sounder Skills 2 explained each different sounder feature individually, as in DI, SI, 2D, so you can go back and double-check the settings with ease instead of watching a 30mins video and only needing 3mins worth. Thank you, Ryan and Karen.


Zack Klein

Darwin, NT

Quality over quantity on today’s charter after using new knowledge learnt from SS2. Only halfway through Ryan Moody’s Sounder Skills 2 course and it has already taught me so many things. Ledge, fish and general sounder interpretation. Fish position, unique features of the sounder and when to use them makes life so much easier. Credit where credit is due. Cheers Ryan.


Brett Schofield

Lowrance User

Ballina, NSW

I had just purchased a new Lowrance sounder & wanted to know how to use it effectively, I took the plunge and purchased Sounder Skills 2. I absolutely loved the side scan / down scan / 2D info. It's well-targeted and explains how to interpret & adjust your sounder to the conditions. I am enjoying the Inner Circle, like the concept & intend to get involved with appropriate questions. You condense Ryan's 30 years of experience into 10 hours of online tutoring. That's gold in itself, Sounder Skills 2 is brilliant!


Marc Mclaughlin

Queensburgh, South Africa

Sounder Skills 2 is wonderful in helping all fishermen alike. Applying little bits at a time has really changed the way I fish and see the image displayed, noting that this applies to all sounders is fantastic. You have done a fantastic job and thank you, Ryan!

Mitch Martens

Mitch Martens

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Thanks to Sounder Skills 2 I am starting to be able to read my sounder really well, resulting in some great fish!


Joakim Odlander

Gold Coast, QLD

Ryan is well-spoken and easy to listen to while very clear in what seems to be a very well thought out course. Being able to jump to specific sections and revise if needed is fantastic. Showing pictures of screenshots with detailed info is perfect. Thank you, Sounder Skills 2 is brilliant!


Richard Konarski

Moreton Bay, QLD

The information in Sounder Skills 2 is well-presented in simple, understandable modules. It's thought proactive, practical and to be honest, even if I never caught another fish, the course in itself is honestly well worth the money. Cheers Ryan


Jack Centofanti

Tolga, QLD

I thought I knew how to use my unit until I did Sounder Skills 2 in conjunction with Barra Basics. Result: Over 200 meter plus Barra already.


Adrian McIver

Townsville, QLD

As a previous customer of Ryan's work, I knew the quality of the information I would receive in Sounder Skills 2 would be second to none. I loved the live demo's, this is where Ryan put all the theory into practice. I have enjoyed learning from Ryan years of experience, not only from Sounder Skills 2 but others as well.


David Brown

Newcastle, NSW

I am from NSW and I was hesitant the information provided in Sounder Skills 2 wouldn't apply directly to my angling area. I was wrong! Plenty of good anglers would benefit from this course. I’ve been using a sounder for over 30 and Sounder Skills 2 has already improved my angling! Sounder Skills 2 is well worth the investment!


Nathan Kirby

Moreton Bay, QLD

Massive shout out to Ryan Moody for Sounder Skills 1 and 2. Can’t rate them high enough. I spent the last few years thinking I knew how to read my fish finder. Boy was I wrong.


Danny Caldwell

Cairns, QLD

Finally got around to watching your sounder skills 2 course. First trip after, within 20 minutes pulled this cracker from the depths!

Dainel Cairns

Daniel Cairns

Tully, QLD

I found all of Sounder Skills 2 amazing, the best part for me is how to interpret what is on the sounder screen. I also really enjoy the Inner Circle, good people and good advice. It's good to get real-life answers. You can't teach experience but Sounder Skills 2 sets you up to gain the right experience from the start. Well worth it!


Max Hogan

Yeppoon, QLD

Hi Ryan and Karen, just a short note to say Sounder Skills 2 works... first decent weather we have had down here, found a new spot and picked up several Red Emperor before leaving it be... Very close to the mainland as well!


Inner Circle Private Study Group Report


Matt Fry

Brisbane, QLD

I’ve been fishing my whole life, I even worked on a commercial boat for a few years on the Barrier Reef. However I’ve only just recently bought my first boat now it’s up to me to find the fish, that is why I purchased Sounder Skills 2. I loved all of Sounder Skills 2, it is full of very valuable information. I highly recommend the Inner Circle study group, the guys there helped me immensely with my transducer setup.

Trevor Stow_Victoria

Trevor Stow

Bairnsdale, VIC

I love Sounder Skills 2. It covers all aspects of using the sounder and we get some great advice. I wish that I had viewed it before I purchased my sounder. Keep up the good work! In my opinion, everybody should view this course before they buy a new sounder for their boat.


Mark Watson

Blenheim, NZ

Sounder Skills 2 makes practical sense of a complicated topic. There is so little actual information on real world use of Fish Finders, but Sounder Skills 2 has it all! I also enjoy the Inner Circle study group, it's interesting hearing other people's viewpoints and questions. Here's 9.4kg Snapper I caught using the skills I learnt from the course, looking for areas that should hold fish rather than where I have caught them in the past.

Case Study

Trent Ritchie 3

Trent Ritchie

Ryan Moody, your deep drop lesson really did teach me a thing or two!

After watching the course and adapting the learnings to my fishing I have had a better success rate.

The learnings on drifting and identifying where the fish are actually holding has been unbelievable. The course has helped me paint a picture in my head as to what I’m actually seeing on the sounder and how my transducer is actually reading.

Trent Ritchie 4
Trent Ritchie 5
Trent Ritchie 6 - Ruby Snapper
Trent Ritchie 2
Trent Ritchie 1

Our members love
what we do

Thousands of members are catching more fish since they began to interpret their sounders accurately.

The way I see it is you have 2 options:

1. you can do Sounder Skills 2 and learn from the brilliant information contained in this course

2. spend 30 years full time on the water and MAYBE work it out for yourself Cheers Karen and Ryan

Andrew Kershaw

Central West, NSW

I found Sounder Skills 2 very informative and the on-water comparisons of the different modes of sonar in actual use gave me an insight into what I had been missing on my own unit.

Anthony Bezzina

Mackay, QLD

Very impressed at the level of detail and explanations given. I have never read/seen such comprehensive coverage in any book or online resource. I think Sounder Skills 2 is a great value for money course. Cleared up a lot of the misconception and confusion around using sounder effectively.

Alan Phillips

Townsville, QLD


SS2-Ian Walters

Ian Walters

Tully, QLD

Working in a boat shop and having access to all the latest sounders I thought I knew how to read a sounder, how I was wrong. After doing Sounder Skills 2, I've looked at my side scan and down scan in a different perspective. My first trip out, I managed to identify both Barramundi and Fingermark in the same area and successfully caught both species just by watching their movement on the side scanner. Thanks very much Ryan and Karen for another great course.

SS2-Chris Ballard

Chris Ballard

Mackay, QLD

I absolutely loved Sounder Skills 2. I thought I knew how to use my sounder to its limits but I wasn’t even close! There is so much to learn about how to use and interpret your sounder and this course provides everything you need to know. I can’t wait to get out and put it into action.

SS2-Nick Fil

Nick Fil

Bundaberg, QLD

Explaining side scan and sounder frequencies is important, lots of guys struggle to understand that properly. The on the water vids with sounder recording etc. are GOLD, they are really on the money. The guys who watch every minute are going to be switched on as F%^* when they hit the water! Thank you, Ryan Moody!


Craig Roberts

Dunsborough, WA

What a difference a year makes when focused on a fishing strategy. A couple of years back I'd catch 4 or 5 snappers and the same number of Dhu Fish over a year travelling 1000 kilometres from Dunsborough to Shark Bay to catch snapper in numbers. In the past year, I’ve focused on local ground 10 - 20minutes from the boat ramp. SS2 helped me to identify rubble patches amongst the seagrass and now have an 86% success rate on targeted species (Pinkies, Duies and Baldies). These foraging areas are where we picked up 61 Pink Snapper (48 over 70cm) 12 Dhuies and 2 Baldies. Thanks, Ryan you have changed my fishing forever!


Peter Adsett

Rockhampton, QLD

Went to the Fitzroy and saw a few on the sounder so we tried to match the hatch. Eventually got one right with a PB Barra at 117cms. My son Braden also got his first Threadfin at 145cms. All thanks to Ryan's Sounder Skills 2 course, cheers guys!


Ben Farmer

Cairns, QLD

I am a beginner and the depth of knowledge and teaching style in Sounder Skills 2 is fantastic. Everyone at my level who wants to get serious (as I do) NEEDS to learn this stuff. I’ve had a lot of guys take me out and I absorb their knowledge like a sponge. But none of them even come close to this.


Hayden Whitworth

Gold Coast, QLD

I was a bit concerned that Sounder Skills 2 might be a bit focused on northern species and ecosystems that are different to SEQ. Sounder Skills 2 has made my Sounder so much more valuable and given me the tools to find productive spots wherever I go even if it's completely unfamiliar territory. Thanks, guys for a great course.

I love the fact that I can watch Sounder Skills 2 over and over as I apply what I learn and go back for reference. Sounder Skills 2 is excellent I have learned a great deal, cheers Ryan

Jon De Wet

Gladstone, QLD

I liked all the modules in Sounder Skills 2 and learnt so much information. I was reading my sounder all wrong... Been running over schools of fish I thought were trees! Sounder Skills 2 is very informative, Ryan makes it easy to understand what I have been doing wrong, and how to rectify it.

Peter Algie

Darwin, NT

Although I have been fishing and using various sounders since the old paper chart sounder days when Sounder Skills 1 and 2 came out I knew that my skill set was about to improve. The information Ryan imparts in Sounder Skills 2 in a very simple, yet informative manner is simply fantastic. The fact that you can watch modules over and over helps you absorb the information at your own pace. Thanks, Karen & Ryan Sounder Skills 2 is an outstanding value for money.

Peter Bell

Charters Towers, QLD


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Name: Scott Ohalloran

Did you have any hesitations about signing up for Sounder Skills 2?: Initially the price, I've been looking at it for about a year so it took a while to convince myself, wish I had signed up earlier

What specific features/modules did you like best about the course?: Lots of useful information throughout the course, so much so that I'll need to keep revisiting it.

Would you recommend Sounder Skills 2 course and why?: Ryan moody has got a great reputation here in Broome WA amongst the fisho's I know, no recommendations needed.

Any additional feedback?: It's kind of annoying to know how many fish I've driven over and missed now I know what I'm looking at.

What unit do you use?: Simrad GO7 XSE at present but looking to upgrade in screen size.


Steven Moore

Darwin, NT

Highly recommend Sounder Skills 2 to anyone. I have searched the internet and YouTube for a while on how to set my sounder up. In the end, all I did was confuse myself. But now after doing Sounder Skills 2, I just can't believe how simple Ryan makes it. The information I have got out of Sounder Skills 2 is mind-blowing. Keep up the good work guys, just love this course so much!


Scott OHalloran

Broome, WA

I initially hesitated at the price of Sounder Skills 2. I've been looking at it for about a year so it took a while to convince myself. I really wish I had signed up earlier! The course is full of useful information, so much so that I'll need to keep revisiting it (really great that you can do that!) Now I know what I am looking at, it's kind of annoying to know how many fish I've driven over and missed!!


John Daffy

Brisbane, QLD

I was concerned that Sounder Skills 2 was focussed on North Queensland applications and species to the exclusion of 2D traditional in southern, deeper reefs. I was delighted to see otherwise.
I love the graphics used to explain concepts, love Ryan's easy-going but very informative manner and like information being delivered in "bite-sized" pieces. Your extensive use of sounder screen recordings is sensational. So impressed!!

I knew 0% on how to use my sonar, side scan & down scan but now I know what I'm looking at & how to use it. I loved every second & piece of information on every module. Ryan - you explain things in simple terms and cut all the technical rubbish out. Your years of experience laid out in the format you have created is brilliant. You should be eligible for a small business of the year award - straight up bro The Inner Circle is very helpful Thanks for answering all my questions Ryan and keep up the good work.

Trevor Smith

Erskine, WA

I needed to convince myself Sounder Skills 2 was going to good value for money. After I bit the bullet and watched Sounder Skills 2 the details on understanding the actual locations of the fish was of real interest. It allowed me a better understanding of the real fundamentals of getting the best possible picture. Ryan seems to be a reasonable bloke and can communicate well. Thanks, guys for a fantastic course

Geoff Joy

Melbourne, VIC

After completing Sounder Skills 1 and what I learned from it I knew Sounder Skills was going to be good. Sounder Skills 2 gives you a great insight into one piece of equipment that is a must for any fisherman. Sounder Skills 2 is well done, well worth the investment and your knowledge is priceless. Thanks, Ryan.

Ben Bradley

Lisarow, NSW

For me, Sounder Skills 2 was a substantial outlay so I was a little hesitant. I did the Sounder Skills 1 first and realised I didn’t know what I was doing. I did the maths and realised with the price of fish I could redeem the cost with a couple of good catches. I learnt so much from each module of Sounder Skills 2. I would definitely recommend Sounder Skills 2. If you are not catching fish you are doing something wrong. You have to change something. Logically it starts here.

Bruce Rudd

Gold Coast, QLD

Sounder Skills 2 is unique. There’s plenty of company’s wanting to pump their product, but none have courses to learn how to use them properly. With the significant investment, a lot of fishos spend on electronics you’d think they would have more help out there for older fishos who have the money to spend but are like me analog guys in a digital world. Electronic gear can be frustrating. As a Lowrance user, Sounder Skills 2 has taught me heaps!!

Martin Adams - Lowrance

Talarm, NSW


Students using all brands of sounders love the course. Here are some examples.


Graham Olsen

Lowrance User

Golden Square, VIC

I have an older Lowrance HDS gen 2 sounder and primarily fish in a freshwater lake (Eppalock VIC) targeting Redfin. I really like how several learning styles are utilised and provided in Sounder Skills 2 and there is less fluff in the explanations. Thank you Ryan for a brilliant course


Viv Hill

Furuno User

Dongara, WA

I borked a bit at the price of Sounder Skills 2 but thinking about the $$, l spend more than that on a reel or rod. I have an older Furuno unit so the traditional 2D content was brilliant to me. Cheers Karen and Ryan.


Matthew Davis

Garmin User

Toowoomba, QLD

Given how in-depth even Sounder Skills 1 was, it was worth trying Sounder Skills 2. The sheer volume of information in Sounder Skills 2 and continued room for self-improvement each time you watch makes this course a great investment.

I did Sounder Skills 1 about a year ago and wanted more information on how to read my sounder properly, to put me on the fish. We all go out and buy the best sounders we can afford, yet nobody teaches you how to read them. Sounder Skills 2 is a must if you wanna make the most out of your sounder, and come home with a feed of fish. Highly informative, well taught and interesting material.

Moufid Taoube - Simrad

Croydon park, NSW

I was naive to think I wouldn't learn anything from Sounder Skills 2. Every module has corrected my errors and given me greater insight into what I am viewing on my screen. The Inner Circle is great, I like to see others growing their skills with the knowledge they have gained. There are very few courses like this out there, Ryan has given us the opportunity to gain a skill set that has taken him over decades of being on the water, cheers mate

Garry Lorimer - Garmin

Mackay, QLD

I've watched your YT & FB videos multiple times and know the quality of information I would get, lets just say I was not disappointed with Sounder Skills 2! Sounder Skills 2 is user friendly and full of helpful information. No point in having a $5000 sounder if you use it like a $200 one. I have asked questions and had great support within the Inner Circle, no smart asses, just a great community.

Mathew Hansen - Lowrance

Cairns, QLD

I have had Garmin sounders for many years. Only found out after seeing Sounder Skills 2 I had been looking at clutter. I knew I was on to a good thing the minute Ryan started to explain how the beams work and why they are so different. Knowing where the object is in relation to the boat was a massive WOW for me. Actually seeing all the scans linked together and determining what is present under the boat is like winning Lotto.

Brian Crisp - Garmin

Ipswich, QLD

I am glad I signed up to Sounder Skills 2 as I now have the tools to fully utilise all the features of my Simrad unit, even Ryan's insights into fish behaviour within the modules was great. Sounder Skills 2 uses real-time teaching, the old "monkey see monkey do". If a user solely relied on their Operators Manual to use their unit, they would never realise its full potential [I didn't].

Tony Seears - Simrad

Medowie, NSW

Ryan, I am in awe! This is an absolute game changer! I have spent hours on YouTube, Lowrance sites and even spoken to reps and NO ONE has explained things, and pointed out practical use skills like this. I have gone over my old screenshots and can't believe the fish I have missed. Sounder Skills 2 is what every angler has been waiting for fantastic job guys!

Andrew Haratsis - Lowrance

Tully, QLD



Finally caught my first two fish today by being able to use the right frequency and right mode in the right depths to find fish and then drop my lures right on them. Not very rewarding to have spent so much money on my boat for zero results week after week. Buying this lure and that lure, this rod and that rod. Getting advice from all kinds of people but still getting out there and having no idea of what to look for or what tackle to use. I have an amazing boat with lots of really nice electronic systems and radar on it but none of that is much use if you don't know how to optimise them. I was a little reluctant initially to do Ryan Moody's Sounder Skills 2 course because I am in Melbourne and we don't have Barramundi but I decided I have nothing to lose and the principles will be the same. I've only done less than half of the first of four modules and already I'm catching fish and signing the praises of Ryan's instruction to everybody I know and all the Facebook fishing groups I'm a member of.

Jason Caldwell

Melbourne, VIC

I was a bit worried Sounder Skills 2 might be a bit too far above my head but found it was explained well. I liked the infield videos explaining the settings and what you were looking at. Definitely would recommend Sounder Skills 2 - It is easy to follow and the self-paced method of learning suits me with work and kids. I am loving the Sounder Skills 2 Inner Circle as I get the opportunity to ask questions, but most of all, reading other people's questions teaches me more and makes me think of things I wouldn't have thought of myself to ask. I am really liking the things Ryan has been posting in the Inner Circle, where he puts a photo up and asks us to work out what we are looking at. I think that is the best part of the whole course because it is like a test and really makes you think about things.

Andrew Johnston

Townsville, QLD

Having a modern sounder in your boat is useless if you can’t drive it! I learned more in ten minutes watching the videos in Sounder Skills 1 than I did watching hours of videos on YouTube!

After watching Sounder Skills 1 I purchased Sounder Skills 2, and was even more blown away with Ryan’s depth of knowledge! Sounder Skills 1 is enough to get you going, especially if you are coming from the old monochrome units like I did, but if you really want to unleash the true power of your sounder Sounder Skills 2 is worth every cent you spend on it!

These modern UHD units pick up the smallest things, this can be a little confusing to the untrained operator, but the Sounder Skills courses will soon have you reading the screen with confidence and catching more fish!

Ian Bertenshaw

Colyton, NSW

I'm always keen to learn new things so I signed up for Sounder Skills 2. I liked the whole course and have recommended it to my mates because they always use their sounder in basic modes. The Inner Circle is great too because it's good to chat with like-minded people.

Mark Callaghan

Warners Bay, NSW

Any fisherman who has not done Sounder Skills 2 is a fisher fool. Already told many people. Cheers Ryan!

Wayne Bean

Katherine, NT

I had no hesitations jumping into Sounder Skills 2 as I had a few mates that recommended it. No matter how experienced you are there is always something to learn, Sounder Skills 2 is full of great content and it's easy to follow.

Doug Murray - Lowrance

Nundah, QLD

Sounder Skills 2 is a brilliant course! I would never work out how to set up and interpret my Fish Finder without the course.

Christopher Beilby - Lowrance

Rye, VIC

I'm only halfway through Sounder Skills 2 and I absolutely love it so far! It's brilliant, I have learnt so much and understand a whole lot more.

Andrew Dougan - Lowrance

Mackay, QLD

Sounder Skills 2 is brilliant, and so is the study group! It's my new Netflix!

Boniface Umba

Isaac, QLD


Paul Harrison

Cairns, QLD

As you subscribe to the kiss theory in Sounder Skills 2 it makes the course content easy to remember and understand. I particularly enjoyed the practical videos of Ryan putting the new skills demonstrated in the course into place. Cheers Ryan and Karen!


Daniel Vallis

Redland, QLD

My PB 90cm Nanny! I was so excited to land such a quality fish. I owe a huge thanks to Ryan Moody for putting his effort into his Sounder Skills courses. It’s saved me time and money, now I’m finding bigger and better fish closer to the boat ramp so thanks mate.


Warren Cotter

Mareeba, QLD

The true joy of Sounder Skills 2 comes from my kids. Watching them smile when they pull in fish and teaching them how to fillet. Knowing we can go out and spend more time on the fish and having heaps of fun. Thanks so much, Ryan.

SS2-Paul Coffey_1

Paul Coffey

Desert Springs, NT

It took me about 8 months to sign up for Sounder Skills 2 - friends of mine had some for Ryan's courses and fishing alongside them last year, I could see they definitely had the advantage! Sounder Skills 2 is very comprehensive and gives a very good interpretation of your sounder. I absolutely love what I have seen so far, Sounder Skills 2 is very well put together.

Ryan's very knowledgeable on the matter. I have no doubt everyone could learn something from Sounder Skills 2.

Dan Bullis - Lowrance

Moreton Bay, QLD

At first, the cost of Sounder Skills 2 had me sitting on the fence. Wondering if I would get the value out of it. By the time I was through the first module, those concerns had disappeared. I think Ryan & Karen are a very smart couple. Used both their skills to create & share something I'm sure the fishing community will get a lot of benefit from for years to come. Well done guys.

Kerry Harm

Gold Coast, QLD

The way that Ryan explains and shares his knowledge is brilliant. Anybody wanting to understand the soundings and find more fish... SOUNDER SKILLS 2 IS WORTH IT!

Darrin Horton - Lowrance

Whitsunday, QLD

The price of Sounder Skills 2 made me hesitate prior to purchasing, however, after finishing the course I can see why it costs this much. A lot of time and effort has gone into making Sounder Skills 2! I found the on the water demos where Ryan played with settings was the most beneficial for me, being a visual person. Thanks, Ryan and Karen, I love Sounder Skills 2 and the information you provided.

Justin Dorahy

King Creek, NSW

There is great detail in Sounder Skills 2! Cheers for a great course.

Trevor Garrett

Kapiti Coast, NZ

Being a Lowrance user, Sounder Skills 2 has cleared up many issues I had. Prior to Sounder Skills 2, I was really running blind. This course is a must, cheers Ryan.

David Duddy - Lowrance

Coal Point, NSW

I thoroughly enjoyed Sounder Skills 2, particularly the setup of the sounder and identification of fish. It got me from zero ideas to some idea very quickly! Thanks very much for the great program guys.

Mark Fraser

Barjarg, VIC

I fish in SEQ and thought Sounder Skills 2 might be too specific to Nth Qld or Tropical species. I also fish in dams 80% of the time (Bass Fisherman), so wondered how applicable it might be to my fishing applications. I liked all of Sounder Skills 2, even the basics. Lots of good information in the course, even if experienced. Particularly interpretation of the more complex/smaller images and Down-Vu.

Wayne Staal

Sunshine Coast, QLD

I use Lowrance & it was good to see a real image of sounder screens, not marketing shots in Sounder Skills 2. It was good to see not every sounder image is perfect. Like what you see from most sponsored anglers. So much useful data! The Inner Circle is particularly good as it’s good to see what other people are having problems within case I have the same.

Michael Fisher - Lowrance

Coal Point, NSW

I was impressed with each module and the depth they went into. I was also impressed with the way they were presented on screen and the way you explained each section of each module. I thought I could read a sounder in a competent manner, but you, Ryan Moody, astounded me, and I am glad it did. It has made me change my approach to finding fish.

Wayne Pike

Logan City, QLD

I was a little hesitant to buy but I've found it to be worth every cent! Sounder Skills 2 is very informative and Ryan is very easy to understand. I absolutely love it and I bought Barra Basics because of this course.

Annette Burns

Hinchinbrook, QLD

The entire course was informative. All useful information. I am confident Ryan knows what he is talking about and I have learnt much more in this course than I have been able to locate on the internet or lunder through myself. Great course. So glad I signed up!

Darren Burridge

Whittlesea, VIC

SS2_Daryl Eaves

Daryl Eaves

Brisbane, QLD

I've done Ryan Moody's Sounder Skills 2 online course, and it's certainly helped me! Here are some of the better fish from my last two trips. All from Moreton Bay. Cheers guys!


Scott Strong

Hobart, TAS

Sounder Skills 2 is definitely starting to pay dividends. Thanks, Ryan and team. I’ve gone from all the gear and no idea, to actually being able to use the sounder and find fish. I've still got a lot of learning to do but for now, coming home with a good feed makes it all worthwhile!


Alan Kinnear

Moreton Bay, QLD

I had hesitations about Sounder Skills 2 due to the large cost outlay, but all of the course it is very informative. I have looked on youtube and google for the information covered in this online fishing course and have not found anything even close to the information in this course. Absolutely brilliant!!


Clint Stoneham

Whitsunday, QLD

Nailed it!
Ryan and Karen have delivered another masterpiece with Sounder Skills 2. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Sounder Skills 2 is a must for anyone waiting to get the most out of their sounder units.


Glenn Hames

Rockhampton , QLD

Love your Sounder Skills 2 course. I have struggled all my life with sounder settings and your course has changed my fishing frustrations. Thank you


Gavin Locke

Giralang, ACT

I would definitely recommend Sounder Skills 2!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and from what I have seen in your videos already, you have taught me so much on how to interpret what I'm seeing on my sidescan! I think from putting some of your knowledge to practice, I'm quite confident we may be more consistent with our catches. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

Trent Robinson

Dubbo, NSW

First trip after doing Sounder Skills 2 I idled up to a gutter, saw a Barra shape on the down scan, on the 3rd cast to where I though it was and nailed it! Cheers guys for a brilliant course

Darren Reidy - Lowrance

Nhulunbuy, NT


Ronnie Neill

Townsville, QLD

Sounder Skills 2 helped a lot, especially fine tuning the settings. We found some Spanish Mackerel on the sounder & my son Luke Neill caught the first 1. Thanks Ryan Moody!


Darren Green

Rockhampton, QLD

I have been using sounders since they were paper charts and I believe that your Sounder Skills 2 course is invaluable! Well done team Moody.


Toby Neill

Townsville, QLD

I always thought I was good and experienced with reading sounders, especially side scan. But after watching Sounder Skills 2 I learnt a decent amount of stuff I wouldn’t easily think of. All in all Sounder Skills 2 was brilliant. To learn and properly understand why things work the way they do and when to best use them is priceless.

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