Don't take it from us, listen to our Grads.

Each year we are excited to work with a vibrant community of fellow threadfin fishers and we are so honoured to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You'll find just a few of our favourites below.


Jacko Miller


First time out after completing Threadfin Tactics... using the framework at the mouth of the Brisbane River I managed to hook a 101cm Threadfin. 2nd time out and bagged a 114cm! Cheers Ryan.


Leon Dodd


The framework in Threadfin Tactics and the detailed information regarding times to fish certain locations during the tide and the different size tides during the month is priceless! The content in Threadfin Tactics is clear and straight to the point, lots of options with the framework - even in Mackay.

David Alvos

David Alvos


I just love it when a plan comes together, and Threadfin Tactics will teach you how to make that happen! The wife got her PB, and 4 meter+ Threadies landed in a couple of hours. Brisbane river turned it on this morning.



Brock Hawker

Sunshine Coast

Big thanks to Ryan for making Threadfin Tactics. Couldn’t be happier, only second trip to Rockhampton with a 138, 129 and 131cm. Topped off the trip the next morning with a 124 and a 122cm.

Peter Johnston

Peter Johnston


Just broke my PB with this 119cm Thready from the Brisbane River. Very stoked with the Threadfin Tactics course, it put a lot of what I already had worked out into perspective and added more knowledge to tune my skills in. Thanks, Ryan. It’s going to be hard to break this PB now.


Warren Hansen


The last 3 trips have seen two Threadys landed on each trip, and the size has been awesome!! The smallest out of the 6 fish was 115cm and the largest 121cm. Thanks, Ryan! Threadfin Tactics works!


Wayne Bryant


Threadfin Tactics is a great course. Really love the Facebook posts, constant ongoing support and comments. The course content let's you know every scenario you will encounter. Cheers Ryan Moody!


Andrew Haratsis


Followed Ryan's framework and got 4 over a metre first trip out. Brilliant course. Thanks Ryan and Karen!


Ben Gilbertson


Just smashed my PB since doing Threadfin Tactics. This 140cm horse! Cheers Ryan Moody!

Jason Capcoast

Jason Capcoast


I found Threadfin Tactics helped me heaps. It’s shown me how to fish for Threadies, as well as what areas to look at. I would have definitely driven over them up until watching this course!


Threadfin Tactics Private Study Group Report

To be able to understand Threadfin movements and what Threadies would be doing at certain parts of tides and where to target Threadies at those times in the tide. This course is a game changer. Cheers Ryan!

Chris Zielke


I haven’t seen all of Threadfin Tactics but The first two modules have been unreal. There’s plenty of information in every video and it leaves nothing to the imagination! Cheers Ryan Moody!

Bryce Ramage


Threadfin Tactics will shorten your learning curve by heaps! What a great system Ryan has, and no nonsense, just the way we fishos like it! Cheers Guys!

Noel Butcher


Ryan Moody Threadfin Tactics
Ryan Moody Threadfin Tactics
Ryan Moody Threadfin Tactics
Ryan Moody Threadfin Tactics

Threadfin Tactics is of great value for the information received. I appreciate there are a lot of hours spent on the water to gain this knowledge. Thank you Ryan for the quality information contained in this course.

Mick Steimel


I thought that Threadfin Tactics might only be the Barra Basics course re-presented with only minor changes. This was not the case I'm happy to say. I found the live-bait and jigging sections very informative. The description of the behaviour of the Threadfin during the tidal movement was particularly well presented as well. Threadfin Tactics contains solid information presented in a clear manner.

Bill Dunstan


Threadfin Tactics gave me the extra edge that I am looking for over other fishermen. It puts me in the right place at the right time. The study group is also excellent with Ryan and the other anglers giving help and advice on their local areas. Cheers guys!

Jamie Ahmat



Ben Milbourne


Threadfin Tactics joins all the dots! This is a must do course for anyone keen to catch King Threadfin.


Russell Land


I've got 7 beauties since doing Threadfin Tactics including getting my wife a metre-long fish on her 50th birthday! Thank you, Ryan Moody!


Shane Biddle


In total Threadfin Tactics was great, I enjoyed it all! No one else out there has even looked at threadfin in the same depth as you Ryan.

Adam Delle Baite

Adam Delle Baite


Threadfin Tactics is a great course. It has definitely helped me identify locations in my local area that hold good Threadfin Salmon.

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What lure to catch threadfin salmon
Best lure to catch threadfin salmon


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Name: Bill Dunstan

Did you have any hesitations about signing up for Threadfin Tactics?: Yes, because I mainly fish the Haughton River system and have not seen Threadfin there for years. Also, I thought that the course might only be the Barra Basics course re-presented with only minor changes. This was not the case I'm happy to say.

What specific features/module did you like best about the course?: I found the live-bait and jigging sections very informative. The description of the behavior of the Threadfin during the tidal movement was particularly well presented.

Would you recommend Thready Tactics course and why?: Yes, I would recommend it as it contains solid information presented in a clear manner.

Any additional feedback?: After working through this course I am motivated to revisit the other courses and do some serious revision.

Catch threadfin salmon in Queensland
King threadfin salmon in north Queensland
Catch threadfin salmon with Ryan Moody


“I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone for the simple reason that it is so thorough and comprehensive, in a way that nothing else that I have come across has come close to. It is extremely well structured and thought out and presented in a very user-friendly manner. I have caught threadys before and already had some prior knowledge but it's like trying to float a boat with a few holes in it, it only takes a few gaps in your knowledge to sink the whole show and make the difference between sporadic catches (like I was used to) and consistent success. There are just so many fine details in the course that even experienced anglers would otherwise miss and this approach to leaving no stone unturned is what makes this course so worthwhile.”

Andrew Brunsmann - Brisbane


Steve Newby - Brisbane

Already stoked by this 113 cm model and before I could even say PB, the next one started peeling off coming in at 115 cm. Catching them consistently now and putting the family and mates onto trophy fish in area’s most people don’t look. Thanks, Thready Tactics!


Chris Betts

First trip in the Brisbane River and success! The framework works a treat and will pay off for you. Thanks, Thready Tactics.


Dale Spring - Brisbane

Does the Threadfin tactics framework apply in Brisbane? Sure does! Since the course, I plan my trips and catch fish with skill instead of luck. It’s so satisfying.


Nigel Sward - Brisbane

Since doing the threadfin Tactics course I’ve successfully caught them in the Brisbane River and also on my trips further north. The framework applies everywhere. Nigel Sward Brisbane.


Students of Fish Smarter courses are happy as Larry!


Mick Hayes


I landed my first Threadfin Salmon at 106cm, thanks to Ryan Moody's Threadfin Tactics course. Stoked is an understatement. What an awesome fish, pulled like a donkey.


Cody Broome


Followed Ryan's Thready framework and managed to get 5 fish, 1m and over, all in 2 hours! Thank you so much Ryan!


Clint Stoneham


Great couple days on the Proserpine River, several over 90cm and 3 metre-plus maxing out at 108cm, true to Ryan Moody's Thready Tactics framework. Brilliant course!


Ben Weston


The framework has put me on this illusive fish every time. I now can go and target a specific area and be confident that fish will be there! Cheers Ryan.


“Absolutely. To be able to understand there movements and what threadies would be doing at certain parts of tides and where to target threadies at those times in the tide."
Chris Zielke

“Yes I would recommend thready tactics . Because if you wish to learn how to catch tready this course will put you on the right track to get started and save you a lot of money trying to work them out yourself. "
Robert Allan

“I’d recomend any of his courses."
Tyrone Dixon

“Yes! Will shorten your learning curve by heaps. Great system yous have here, and no bullshit, just the way we fishos like it."
Noel Butcher

“Yes I would recommend thready tactics . Because if you wish to learn how to catch tready this course will put you on the right track to get started and save you a lot of money trying to work them out yourself. "
Robert Allan

“…For me, this course has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different strategies and techniques I have not tried or thought of yet. This extent of knowledge and technique cannot be learnt in a one day charter, or even "word of mouth" from any local expert. The money I paid for this entire course is what I would pay for a one day charter locally. And I do not think I would even come close to absorbing this much great information. So thumbs up for a well laid out and informative course! Cheers!"
Chris Long

“99% of anglers know very little about threadfin salmon, it's sad but true as this elusive species can be hard for the recreational angler to locate, let alone target. Ryan Moody blows this species-wide open during this course, showing not only the best locations and techniques to catch this premium sportfish, but also showing options during all tides. My first trip out after the course I located a small school of threadies in a heavily netted creek, before the course I would have thought they were a school of mullet. This course was eye-opening and the footage of anglers catching and releasing a heap of huge threadies really blew me away. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ryan is an absolute guru, his 30+ years being observant on the water while guiding fishing charters definitely shine through."
Nick Philippa | Fishing Writer

Case Studies

Don't just take it from us - listen to what our students have to say:

Steve Newby - (1)
Steve Newby - (10)
Steve Newby - (2)
Steve Newby - (6)
Steve Newby - (8)

Steve Newby

Steve Newby-min

I, like many avid fishermen, started my journey from humble beginnings.

Having grown up in South East Qld, bread and butter species such as Bream, Whiting, Flathead and Mud crabs were regularly on the menu list of our fishing trips and filling the bag was almost always the aim.

I found myself asking, “how do I take the next step from being an out and about bread and butter bait fisho to landing some of Australia’s most iconic fish species”??

Enter Ryan Moody Fishing.

I joined Ryan Moody’s Threadfin Tactics course in November 2018 and upon enrolling in the course, everything I’d thought I knew about fishing had changed forever. While I look back on all the other information I’d read or seen, nothing had ever compared to the extensive, comprehensive information I was presented within targeting arguably one of the hardest fighting estuary species anyone could ever encounter. This bloke definitely knew his stuff!!!

I was already sold on targeting the species, now began the process of trying to piece it all together. As with all of Ryan’s courses, spending the time on the water and implementing the techniques more regularly will yield better results. With a new way of thinking, a new lease on my fishing life, I was able to plan my time on the water, be more productive and learn the intimate knowledge of targeting these fish. Information that appeared to be left out in other people’s insights.

I remember my first Thready, as well as I do my last. 1 turned into 3, 3 into 10, 10 into 30, 30 into 100, all within my short few years of being involved with Ryan’s course. Not only in my local system in the Brisbane River but I’ve been able to apply those same ideas and techniques in the Rockhampton and Mackay region, having never fished those systems before.

I’ve come from bread-and-butter bait fisho to catching massive Threadfin confidently within a short few years and it’s an opportunity that I am forever grateful for. If Ryan’s online fishing community and the content entailed within his courses can help a bloke like me, I’m positive it can help anybody.

Steve Newby - (7)
Steve Newby - (5)
Steve Newby - (4)
Steve Newby - (3)