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Each year we are excited to work with a vibrant community of Wonky Holes members and we are so honoured to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You'll find just a few of our favourites below.

Nannygai (1)

Dean Shirley

Emu Park

Great day out off Yeppoon. The Wonky Holes course helped a lot... found some awesome holes. Thanks for all the courses Ryan it's paying off heaps!


Leanne Pearson


Quick Trip out off Lucinda yesterday and managed to pull up this beauty 87cm Nanny. Absolutely LOVE the Wonky Holes course!


Robbie Walters

Mission Beach

After doing some research of my own and finding a couple of wonkies randomly while trolling, curiosity, curiosity overcame my skepticism. Wonky holes really does explain how to find that needle in the haystack. Not only has it helped understand and find wonkies, it has cut down precious time in finding those untouched spots everyone dreams about.


James Lethbridge

Cloncurry, QLD

Wonky Holes online course! Get on it fellas it's the best course you will ever do. Follow Ryan Moody's instruction very closely and you will come up with trumps.



Ben Gilbertson


Who knew there was so much productive untouched fishing ground closer than the reef saving heaps on fuel. Thanks Ryan for your Wonky Holes course.


Richard Lewis

Kewarra Beach

Really loved the course. Thanks Ryan!


Greg Rogers

Cental QLD

Thank you Ryan for this amazing course. First trip out, found my first Wonky and caught my first red at 80cm among others.


Kelwyn Cook

Mackay, QLD

Thank you Ryan for this amazing course. First trip out, found my first Wonky and caught my first red at 80cm among others.


James Housley


Found some wonky's finally. Not much bait on them but were holding some good fish. Finding Wonky Holes is an addiction. Thanks for the course, Ryan and Karen.


Nathan Porter

Trinity Park

Followed your guidelines in the course to the tee and what I found is ridiculously awesome! Really got the heart pumping. I was definitely under-powered with what I was using, I just got smashed and smoked by these big nannies. LOL! Only managed to boat 2 and 1 being crunched by a shark.


Ron Farren


Loving the Wonky Holes course! After a bit of searching following Ryan’s suggestions I got this stonker at 11.5kg plus 6 more species in the short time we fished it. I’m so glad I did the course.


Jordan Welsh


Wonky Holes course was excellent, very well explained. I don't spend a lot of time intentionally looking for Wonkys but the course taught me to use my sounder effectively to find all kinds of ground which have caught me many trophy bottom fish.


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Name: George Ray

Did you have any hesitations about signing up for Wonky Holes? In the beginning, I was a bit hesitant but kept reviewing the emails sent out which inspired me to rethink. In the end, I knew I needed some coaching as I’m hopeless when finding fish on a sounder, basically because I didn’t know what I was looking at.

What specific features/module did you like best about the course? The intro to wonky holes had me intrigued. It was fascinating how the underwater streams function. Overall the modules were great and informative. If I had to pick one it would be advanced charting.

Would you recommend Wonky Holes course and why? Yes, and I already have.

Did you join the Wonky Holes study group? Yes, a great platform for information.

Any additional feedback? I’m retired now and it's great for me to be able to track fish now knowing there is a framework to work on. Only just joined but looking forward to getting addicted to wonkies.




Well well well where do I start...

After reviewing the Wonky Holes course many of times, studying every word etc.. I finally got a chance to head out on Thursday for the first time. My target area was beautiful Port Douglas outside snapper island is where I started my search. I followed your guidelines in the course to the tee and what I found was ridiculously awesome!!!!! Really got the heart pumping.

And the only criticism I have is maybe let everybody know what's the best rod and reel combo to use to get these big buggers in the boat hahaha because I was definitely underpowered. I just got smashed and smoked by these big nannis lol ...only managed to boat 2 and 1 being crunched by a shark so I moved on in search for other paleo wonkys and found another not far away and that Is when I managed to get these two in the boat after losing a dozen or so.

Well worth the money if it was me I would charge more lol
Congratulations on another successful course!!!!! Love it mate really do

Find Wonky Holes with Ryan Moody's online fishing course
Nannygai caught on wonky holes
Nickoli Fewtrell (1) (1)

I absolutely love the Wonky Holes course... Really filled the blanks for me.

I enjoyed the information on what they are and how they are formed, and Ryan covers it all.

My missus Minjaia and I are a good team, I find the marks and put us in the right spot. She catches the fish and cooks them.

I also have 3 kids who love getting out and catching these magnificent fish too
Cheers Ryan for a brilliant course, highly recommended.


Students of Fish Smarter courses are happy as Larry!


David Harding


The course is extremely interesting!! The only drama is I look at every bit of land a mountain range around here in a different light now people must think I'm day dreaming all day long! Thanks for another amazing load of information.


Elliot Bradshaw


It did take me a while to sign up to the wonky course. But after months off it coming up on Facebook and watching all your vids on YouTube. I thought I would take the plunge and raid my wife's credit card haha. I did enjoy the course very much. Showing maps of places up and down the coast and showing where wonkys live. That was awesome.


Jason Koopmans


Took the missus out other day first time for her wonky fishing. She couldn’t believe the life on the wonky & how much my fish finding skills have improved since doing courses thanks to Ryan! Cheers.


Jacob Rountree


Wonky Holes is a great course, chock full of great information that's easy to understand.

It’s clear that Ryan knows his stuff and is passionate about equipping others. Thank you Ryan for sharing your wealth of knowledge, I am so much better prepared for next time I hit the water wherever that may be.

Justin Fischer

Mission Beach

I love the entire Wonky Holes course. It is delivered in a professional way with excellent attention to detail. Great work, Ryan.

Rob Cockerill

Gold Coast, QLD

Great, informative and inspirational course that is professionally delivered by Ryan - I absolutely devoured it.

Alex Witten

Cairns, QLD


Wonky Holes Private Study Group Report


Adam Greenslade


I would like to thank Ryan Moody for the great courses, in particular, sounder 2 as reading and understanding the sounder has made a HUGE difference to my strike rate. The nearest boat ramp is 350km away, that's why Ryan's courses and information are absolutely priceless.


Aaron Vickers


Hi Ryan and Karen, I have had great success finding Wonky Holes over the last couple of months since doing your Wonky Holes course. Thanks for the great course!


Eddie Walden

Townsville, QLD

I went out to an area I never even would have thought to look at before doing Wonky Holes. Followed the course and found some great country and had a great day's fishing. We caught a lot of fish I even put my little cousin on to his first Nannygai so he was stoked! Thanks to you Ryan!


Shane Roughsedge

Townsville, QLD

Thanks for showing me all about Wonkies. I have found so many recently.

Ryan Moody has been finding and fishing Wonky Holes since before digital cameras!

Fish Smarter Ryan Moody Wonky Holes
Fish Smarter Ryan Moody Wonky Holes
Fish Smarter Ryan Moody Wonky Holes
Fish Smarter Ryan Moody Wonky Holes
Fish Smarter Ryan Moody Wonky Holes
Fish Smarter Ryan Moody Wonky Holes

Chris Long


After doing Barra Basics, I had no hesitations signing up for Wonky Holes. I've never really heard of it up until a few months ago, when I saw the course advertised. Not many people I know talked about them. This course has helped me find some new less-pressurised areas to fish.


Sean Dawes


Finding wonkies for me is a solo thing. Crank some tunes and have a couple of coldies. I still haven't figured out what is more exciting, finding a wonky with untapped potential or pulling up that trophy nanny.


Jason Brand


My son with his first Nanny at 75cm, thanks to Wonky Holes. The smile says it all!

Kimberley Tropea

Luke Cantamessa


The Wonky Holes course is LIFE CHANGING!

I'm so happy I finally committed to purchasing Wonky Holes! It's very easy to navigate and understand. I need the edge these days. I don’t get much of a chance to get out so I want to make it worthwhile when I do. Wonky Holes gives me that edge! The Wonky Holes study group is also very informative and I use it heaps!

Greg O'sullivan


I was not hesitant to do Wonky Holes after completing Finding Fingermark. I thought I was doing alright at fishing - wasn't I wrong!! The information has put a whole new perspective on how I will be looking at the bottom features. Thank you Ryan Moody

Darrell Maher


All in all I am very happy I have done Wonky Holes, and I can't wait to get some good weather to be able to start searching. All the modules are set out well, and they were just the right length. Most of my fishing has been in SA so I got a lot out of the extra modules based around rigs, anchoring, and techniques. Cheers Ryan for a great course

Josh Miller

Cairns, QLD

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