My guess is someone you know mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my fishing tips videos or articles online. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here.

This site (Fish Smarter) and my Ryan Moody Fishing website are full of incredible resources and proven fishing tips that can totally change the way you approach your fishing. Some have said it’s changed their life (I’m not kidding!)

Here’s a quick lay of the land so you can find what you’re looking for and get started on the path to consistent catches and fishing strategically.


I’m a fishing guide, family man, business owner and entrepreneur, dedicated to putting my clients and students onto big fish.

After 30 years on the water, I’ve put clients onto thousand pound marlin, metre plus threadfin, trout, nanny’s and mackerel, and have landed clients over 2000 bucket list metre plus barra.

If you’re curious to see how I came to do what I do, the full scoop is on my ABOUT page.

Now… as catch and release becomes the norm, I’ve decided to step back from charters (my wife is worried about melanoma) and share my knowledge to our Fish Smarter members via our premium online courses.

Ryan Moody Fish Smarter

2. What is Fish Smarter?

Fish Smarter is an online community of anglers working to improve their catch rates by fishing strategically.

Entry requires a login username and password and contains comprehensive online fishing courses, knowledge bases and a private Facebook study groups to keep everyone in the loop.

The concept came after the success of Barra Basics; our first online fishing course.

Students were catching barra, and big barra, right from the get go, and soon began asking for insights into other species.

And because I was enjoying my mentoring role, we decided to make more courses.

But I didn’t want 10 courses and 10 separate usernames and passwords. Heck no!

And so…Fish Smarter was born

(thanks to my wife Karen and web developer Michelle Millichip)


Ryan Moody Fish Smarter Free Tips

We all know it’s rude to ask for sex (or your email address) on the first date.

That’s why the majority of our fishing training is freely available over at our Ryan Moody Fishing Blog.

And you don’t have to give us anything.

If it helps you, it’s our pleasure.

For more in depth training and mini courses, you can move past first base and join our Ryan Moody Fishing community And yes, it’s also free.


“Following Ryan’s framework is absolutely brilliant and I’ve been catching a lot more fish” Andrew Haratsis Tully

“My first salty metery. Thanks Ryan and Karen”
Dan Sperring
“No denying this course!! Cracker arvo again. Managed to boat a 100cm, 115cm and a 120cm. All tagged and released again. Stolked! Cheers Ryan. You did say the meterys would come soon enough.” Chris Long

“Forget everything you know about fishing for barra and just follow Ryan’s framework”
Steve Nuttall

how to catch a big barramundi

4. Don't just take my word for it

The power of the internet has opened up countless opportunities for people to attain knowledge.

And while many people scoffed “how can you teach fishing online?”, we have proved through our online fishing course Barra Basics that it’s not only possible, BUT IT REALLY WORKS.

I have spent countless hours on the water, baking in the sun, identifying patterns over time that would otherwise be unknown.

I have identified strategies to learn fish behaviour that took me years to work out.

And with the help of my lovely wife, with years at university behind her, have put together a body of work that anyone can learn.

If you’re curious about what might be in store for you, check out some of our student interviews here.


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